* * *

Taja, what do you listen to ?

"I listen to everything. since I can't play the saxo,
My drawings are like a different style of music.
They reflect my personality. I don't go for the details,
but the feelings. Music is an expression of the soul"

Okay, then who do you listen to ?

---“It depends on my feelings.”

On a sad lonely night?

---“Marcus Miller”

When you want to feel happy?

---“Gypsy Kings”

After a tired boring meeting?


After a hard day’s work?

---“The Cure”

After flunking a test?

---“Michel Berger”

With a walkman on a train?

---“Rapid Eye Movement”

When your girlfriend leaves you?

---“Eric Clapton”

On a rainy day?

---“Tina Turner”

To say good bye to a friend?

---“Elton John”

For a long journey to nowhere?

---“Deep Purple”

On your Mother’s birthday?


To say goodbye?

---“DIana Ross”

In a rainforest?

---“Jimmy Hendricks”

After a soccer game?

---“Roger Waters”

While eating pizza?


To say thank you?

---“Whitney Houston”

On a snowy day?

---“Roxy Music”

When you need to dance?

---“Marvin Gaye”

On a hot summers’ night?

---“Jimmy Cliff”

Crossing an iceberg?

---“Pearl Jam”

In a church?


When you need the courage to say no?

---“J.J. Goldman”

When you need the energy to say yes?

…“Johnny Clegg”

When you lose your best friend?


When you wanna celebrate?

---“Randy Newman”

While baking a cake?

---“Stevie Vaughn Ray”

For some bon jazz?

---“Thelonius Monk”

When riding a bicycle?

---“Elton John”

While swimming in a lake?

---“Elysian Fields”

When the party’s stiff and boring?

---“Paul Simon”

On highway 66?

---“The Beatles”

When you’re feeling romantic?

---“Dire Straits”

“While waiting for a friend?”

---“Tracy Chapman”

In an African souk?

---“Bruce Springsteen”

On Christmas Eve?

---“Ella Fitzgerald”

To say you’ll be back someday?

---“Ray Charles”

In a dark café?


In the Sahara desert?

---“Omar Farouk Tekbilek”

After a nightmare?

---“Igor Stravinsky”

For a serenade on a balcony?

---“Diana King”

On a volcano’s edge?

---“Bob Dylan”

Sitting on a dock?

---“Michael Jackson”

When you’re broke?


When you’re tired of music?


When you need to quiet your mind?

---“Lionel Richie”

When you forget why?


When you’re going to bed?


When you’re on a lonely road?

---“Chris Rea”

In an elevator?

---“elevating music”

While reading a book?

---“I don’t listen to music while I read books.”